Dacor Group: A reference construction company in Andalucia

About Dacor

Construction works in Andalucia: Dacor

Dacor's main activity consists in construction works and any type of civil work, construction, renovtions and any type of construction related services. Our team is composedby an excelent human group, perfectly cualified on a technical level and with plenty of experience on their backs. Our main goal is to finish our projects in the set time and budget but always with the best quality. Every product we use is certified and follows the most strict environment and security standards.

For us, we have not done a good job if our customer isn't satisfied with our work.


  • Works finished in the set time frame
  • Liability insurance
  • Complete insurance in each work
  • Occupational Hazard Insurance
  • Implementation of ISO 9001:2000
  • Company registered in the construction sector with the registration number REA 01/41/0005141
  • Registered as "licitadores de C.A. de Andalucía" with number 1952


Professional activiy at Dacor is done following these values:

  • Make sure our customer is completely satisfied in every step of the process
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Quick problem solving
  • Works always delivered on time
  • Compliance of regulations and specially to security related issues


At Dacor we trust to be able to continue offering our clients products and services that cover their expectations, making a special emphasis in the punctuality, to limit the construction to he established budget and in the perfect state of the job once finalized. We aim to achieve an adequate choice of suppliers, based on criteria of quality and competitiveness, clearly showing our priority to raise the performance of basic resources. Our efforts are also aimed at improving the coordination of the works, in search of new materials and construction solutions that shape and strengthen our corporate image.