Construction Works in Communities

Obras en comunidades

Specialists in construction works in ommunities

Your community can trust Dacor to do every work that is required to keep in good state all of the households in the community.

We do construction works all over Andalucia: Sevilla, Malaga, Cádiz, Huelva, Jaen, Córdoba, Granada, Almeria

We are specialists in waterproofing terraces and big spaces, so you can succesfuly prevent water from filtering. We improve the access points of your building by building ramps for the handicapped and by buildings lifts and ramps. We fix and renovate any type of instalations, such as electrcity cabling or the building drainage, and we offer you an ample catalog of vertical works, always following the most strict security standards. Our professional team will also be able to do any type of reports or technical certification that you may need. Our vast experience allows us to guarantee the best results and offering the best prices

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