Your construction and renovation company in Andalucía.


House Building

To build the house of your dreams can be a long and hard process, but at Dacor, we offer you our professional team to ease this process and help you get your dream house.


At Dacor we are specialists in renovating households. Our professional team has a wide experience renovating any type of space and we guarantee the best result for your house.

Offices and Business

We are specialists in projects for companies and commercial venues: We take care of every step in the process so you don't have to worry about anything.

Big Constructions

Dacor has a wide experience doing any type of big constructions: Hospitals, Football fields or big buildings.


At Dacor we offer your the best waterproof technies so you can forget about this problem, and as always, with giving you the best result.

Other Jobs

At Dacor we do any type of construction job in Andalucia. If you have any question or want us to elaborate a quote contact us . These are some of the construction jobs that we can do: Paint, Electricity, Plumbing, Masonry ,Gardening ,Air Conditioning etc

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