Dacor: Construction jobs done in Andalucia

Finalized construction jobs:

At Dacor we've done construction works all over Andalucia. These are some of the most significative:

  • Rehabilitation of ITE at Palacio Valdés Nº2.
  • Rehabilitation of ITE at San Vicente de Paul nº24.
  • Complete construction of restaurant “tres14”.
  • Rehabilitation of ITE at Divino Redentor nº4.
  • Reformations at numerous households.
  • Complete maintenance at Zona Franca Cádiz.
  • Extension of industrial complexes at Rendelsur-Coca cola in San José de la Rinconada.
  • Constructed 12 houses in San José de la Rinconada.
  • Senior Center at Salteras.
  • Structure and masonry jobs at Alcalá de Guadaira football field.
  • Rehabilitation of a Palace for the Junta de Andalucía.
  • Sport Center at Puebla del Rio.
  • Waterproofing of the Hospital at Marbella.
  • Extension of the 061 headquarters in Málaga.
  • Swimming Pool in Utrera.
  • Senior Center in Matalascañas.
  • Transformed a business premises into a household in C/ Alcalde José de la Bandera (Sevilla)
  • Construction of the pharmacy of Lcda. Manuel Peña at Polígono San Pablo (Sevilla)
  • Vodafone store in Carretera Carmona (Sevilla)
  • Maintenance jobs at the Renault factory in Sevilla.
  • Maintenance jobs to many ISS companies.
  • Many Pharmacies: Utrera, Sevilla, etc.
  • Aromas Stores: Sevilla, Huelva, Cádiz, Almería, Córdoba, etc.
  • Chalet at calle Jamaica.
  • Structural reinforcements in the Heineken industrial building( Puerto de Santa María).
  • Estepona port: Maintenance and painting jobs.


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