WaterProofing Dacor

We waterproof houses, offices, business and buildings.

One of the most common problems in houses, buildings, retail stores and business is humidities

Water filtrations end up provoking stains in walls and ceilings, paint falling off with all of the structural and estetic defects that it provokes.

Humidities are also a risk for people: moss and other micro-organisms acumulate in these types of stains, and also make the temperature go down.

At Dacor, we offer you the best waterproofing techniques so you can forget about this uncomfortable problem, and as always, with a guaranteed result. Waterproofing requires technical knowledge and we have that experience.

We do big waterproofing works all over Andalucia: Sevilla, Malaga, Cádiz, Huelva, Jaen, Córdoba, Granada, Almeria

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